Location: Barstow, Holiday Inn, 1511 E. Main St.
Indoor session at Holiday Inn in the Mojave room 9 AM-Noon,
Lunch from Noon-1 PM at the Firehouse, and
Back to Holiday Inn 1-2:30 PM, with the Field session 2:30-6 PM.
Training session with Craig Dremann, research director and co-owner of
The Reveg Edge, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333

Agenda items requested by the participants:

1: How to collect seed from local natives?

2: How to ensure seed is viable?

3: Planting techniques?

4: Planting seed vs. containered plants?

5: Watering and nutritional supplements--pros and cons?

6: How local is "local"?

7: What to do if there is no time to collect local seed (e.g., wildfire rehabilitation)?

8: Examples of other desert restoration projects--successes and failures and why?

If you do not see the topic(s) you would like to have discussed at the workshop listed here, fill out the survey at least a week before the workshop date.

Thank you for your responses.

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