Dust and heat keeping clouds from forming over the Arabian peninsula, an example from May 2009 and
during the Pakistan floods July-August 2010

The usual monsoon pattern from western India through the Arabian peninsula, for the last 5,000 years, has been the heat coming off the bare soils, and the atmospheric soil dust, keeps the monsoon clouds from raining regularly over those areas each summer. The next three images show that pattern, from May, 25 2009.

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Water vapor in atmosphere on May 25, 2009, from https://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/comp/wv/LATEST_WV.gif


Visible clouds and heat of land and ocean, from https://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/comp/latest_cmoll.gif


Atmospheric dust, from https://www.nrlmry.navy.mil/aerosol -- go to upper frame and click on "The Big Table", then find NAAPS Current, and click on link to World, Yes. The map for the dust is in the lower left hand corner of that web page.

Pakistan Floods July to August 2010, major change in the 5,000 year old pattern

The dust and heat that kept the monsoonal moisture from raining on Pakistan and the Arabian peninsula, was overwhelmed by the massive amount of moisture being produced by the monsoon in July and August, 2010.

Photos shows the clouds on July 28, 2010.


Click here to download a movie of the monsoon clouds, July 10 to August 5, 2010

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