"The Original POPPY PROJECT at Arastradero Preserve" - Replanting wildflowers from Spring 2012 to December 16, 2016

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>> Now my company is working on the conversion of "WEEDS to WILDFLOWERS" on the San Francisco Peninsula on private properties of one acre or more. Call and ask about this program.

If you mow weeds every year in parts of your yards, there might be native plants that still exist on your property, that could take the place of those weeds.

Call or email for a Vegetation Survey of your property, to find the hidden native plants on your property, that could take the place of the weeds.

See the two-acre new Poppy Project at the corner of Anacapa and Viscaino in Los Altos Hills at Kim Scott and Raj Reddy's yards, where the weeds were converted to wildflowers.

Blooming of the poppies movie

Palo Alto Weekly newspaper article

The Poppy Project at Arastradero blooming in spring with over 2,000 blooms

Arastradero wildflowers
Postcard shows what the whole hillside could potentially look like.

Craig Dremann worked on the original Poppy Project at Astradero Preserve from 2012 to 2016 to replant wildflowers on the hillside of the Palo Alto city-owned open space preserve. The project was located next to the parking lot, and it is the first time that flowers had bloomed in 150 years at that spot.

This project was 100% funded by donations by businesses, individuals and as memorials for friends and family members. The planted flowers bloomed for six weeks from April to May, and lasted a lot longer than cut flowers from a florist.

Thanks to the LOCAL BUSINESS sponsors of the Poppy Project

--San Mateo County Credit Union, Palo Alto downtown branch.

--Konditorei Cafe in Portola Valley.

--And many thanks to the Individual Donors and Project Patrons.

--Plus, many thanks to Hedgerow Farm and Stanford University
for the donation of the native grass straw bales for this project.


--Mr. Homer "Dutch" E. Dremann Jr. of Crescent City, California.
--Mrs. Lee Buckner of Sacramento, California.
--Dr. G. Ledyard Stebbins of Davis, California.
--Mr. Leo Mazzarella of Oak Park, California.

Tidy Tips bloomed from April-May and the butterflies love them for their nectar.

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