"Virus Haiku"



Craig Carlton Dremann's

2020 Coronavirus Haiku.

Copyright © 2020 all rights reserved, including the web.

P.O. Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 USA. 

Written during the pandemic, to express and record the dramatic history we are living through.

Writing starting April 28, 2020




1.) Covid virus dreams,
Tentacles of aliens,
Whisper in the night.


2.) Together we dream,
of alien viruses,

whispering in the night?


3.) Teaching humans all

at the same time to correct

our errors in life?


4.) Virus dreams, trying

to edit our ways of life:

No more wars and waste!


5.) Listen to virus,

"Humans start to live as one—

no wars, just fight me!"


6.) Cute little virus,

only thing that makes us stop,

and review our lives?


7.) Grateful for virus,

aliens make us stop and

think about our lives?


8.) Virus shines a light,

Country's errors and flaws that

Must be corrected!


9.) Virus makes leaders

very mad, because they are

No longer in charge!


10.) Virus stops us cold

so we can reconsider

a more healthy life.


11.) Virus forces us,

into pupas and emerge,

healthy butterflies!


12.) Afraid of virus,

what all humans being

taught at the same time!


13.) Aliens beings,

smallest--now rules the biggest,

guides to better life.


14.) Don't respect virus,

call it "Hoax", "Just the flu"

at your own peril!


15.) Virus is teaching

us the basics, everyone

needs homes, water, food?


16.) Virus draws new lines,

where old empires fall and

new countries are formed.


17.) Microscopic cells,

not even living, hijacks

us to replicate!


18.) The Mightiest Kings

and Emperors must bow to

the virus in charge!


19.) Coalitions form

when virus tells us, we need

new nations to exist!


20.) California,

Washington, Oregon and



21.) Virus crowns the new


Plus 14 others?


22.) Virus challenges

us—Have peace among ourselves

so we can fight it?


23.) Virus challenges

us to make peace and fight it,

and win for our species?


24.) Virus makes us stop
and throw out the bad and keep

the good for our lives.


25.) Virus comes in dreams,

makes us see thing we forgot?

Makes us all think too!


26.) Virus helping us

choose what we want to save, and

make the best choices.


27.) Virus teaches us,

more than a few choices, a

whole universe exists.


28.) Forget status and

money, power--the virus

makes us all equal.


29.) Forget status and

money, power--the virus

cancelled those dreams.


30.) Virus is thinking--

sees homeless living on street,

"Everyone needs home!"


31.) Virus is thinking--

sees trillions spent on guns, wars,

better spent on health?


32.) Virus in our dreams--

teaching us new song to sing,

new ways of living!


33.) Virus changing our

human history! Will

never be the same?


34.) Virus really wants

us to get healthy and thrive...

If we can do it?


35.) Virus is a test:

"Can Humans fix ways of life?—

So all can thrive?"


36.) Virus cases and

deaths, match their military

spending?  Both are high?


37.) Vaccine, please come and

save us! To get us back to

business as usual?


38.) Virus suggests that,

To thrive--no waste, no wars, or

virus will kick butt!


39.) Going to the beach,

during a pandemic, what

were people thinking?


40.) 25 trillion

debt, wars, paying off banks, makes

us prey for virus.


41.) Virus says—"Anglo-

Saxon power is dead, new

Power is Asian."


42.) Anglo-Saxons ruled

planet since ten-sixty-six,

now Asia's turn!


43.) Virus amplified

mistakes made by U-S-A,

debt, wars, investments.


44.) Virus says, "Should have

chosen Socialism, after

other system failed!"


45.) Virus laughs, "Can't get

rid of me until you take

care of everyone!"


46.) Virus takes the lead,

since capitalism failed,

in two-thousand eight!


47.) Virus is testing,

which economic system,

helps the people more?


48.) US President

Sends small check and free t-shirt

"Survived virus plague!"


49.) "US President—

Where are the masks and the tests,

So thousands don't die?"


50.) US President

thinks will get re-elected,

when one million sick?


51.) US President,

thinks will get re-elected,

when "hoax" kills thousands?


52.) President? Cheers

may end, when replaced by sound—

coffins nailing shut?


53.) Apple, Google,

and Facebook, why hold billions, when

millions need your help?


54.) Wealthy ten-percent,

should give away ninety

percent, to save world?


55.) U.S. KNEW virus

results two years ago, when

did the "Clade-X" test.


56.) Johns Hopkins did the

"Clade-X" test, then did nothing

to get us prepared?


57.) Tom Daschle was at

the "Clade-X" test but never

warns us, what he saw?


58.) Instead of saying

"hoax"—all needed were masks and

tests, to save millions!


59.) Toynbee: Empires

fail from weakness within, not

enemies without.


60.) Virus gives world, taste

of pandemics Europe spread

to Americas [500 years ago].


61.) Virus asks, "Why

did one million get sick when all

needed were masks, tests?"


62.) Should Trump estate pay,

for the burial of the

fifty thousand dead?


63.) Will the lack of jet

contrails this summer, warm up,

the world to the max?


64.) Virus challenges

countries, that go to pieces

when they fail to act?


65.) Who needs a country

who is unable to take

care of its people?


66.) Toilet paper is

gone, willing to trade anything,

to feel soft Charmin!


67.) Nothing makes chaos

like pandemic--barrel of

oil goes to zero?


68.) Nothing makes chaos

like pandemic--stock markets

up and down each day?


69.) Nothing makes chaos

like pandemic, ag workers

sick, stops food supplies?


70.) In a pinch,

you can cut a Trump hat, add some string to

make a virus mask?


71.) “Trumpie-Bear”, in rear

pocket may soon have syringe

of disinfectant?


72.) Trump may want to get

bras from his stripper girlfriends

to make masks from cups?


73.) Everyone wears masks

even in banks? How do you

tell the bandidos?


…To be continued…



Updated April 28, 2020