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Brazilian and other Rare Pepper Seeds.

Our Catalog Supplement lists seeds not in our printed catalog, usually very rare or in quantities are too small to be listed in the catalog. Pictures and text are Copyright © 2016 by Craig Dremann, all rights reserved including the web. EACH PACKET contains 100 seeds, except for the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost pepper.

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USA, Canada or Mexico customers: Please add $5 for the first packet, and 10 cents for each additional packet for postage, except collections, where postage is included in the price. BULK please add $5 for the first ounce and $1 for each additional 1/2 ounce. Calif. customers, no sales tax. (HS) = Craig Dremann's Hotness Scale™. (N/T) means this variety has not been tested for its heat levels yet.
BRAZIL and other rare Peppers-("Pimenta" in Brazil) All packets are 100 seeds each. Postage is extra. No California sales tax. The Brazilians for the proper cultivation of their peppers, suggest weekly fertilizing during the growing season and twice a month feeding during flowering and fruiting.
[Pronunciation guide in brackets]
Amarela comprida
Biquinho Biquinho Bode
Amarela Comprida...Biquinho Amarela...Biquinho Red...Bode Amarela

(C. baccatum) PKT. $5, OZ. $60

--AMARELA COMPRIDA [Ah-ma-rel-la com-pree-dah] (Long Hot Yellow) (C. annuum) Banana-type hot yellow fruit 1.5" wide and 4 inches long. (HS: 222 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

[Bee-keen-you ah-ma-rel-la] (Yellow Beak) (C. chinense) Tear-drop sweet habanero-type shaped fruit 1" long and 1/2"wide, producing hundreds of fruit per plant, considered a gourmet pepper in Brazil. (HS: 1,680 f) PKT. $5, OZ. $30

[Bee-keen-you red] (Red beak) (C. chinense) Red radish-shaped sweet Habanero-type fruit with a tail 1" long and 1/2" across, producing hundreds of peppers per plant. (HS: 350 f) PKT. $5, OZ. $30

[Boh-dee ah-ma-rel-la] (Yellow Goat) (C. chinense) Round very hot yellow fruit 1/2" across on short plants 1-2 feet tall, used for a variety of dishes with medium to very hot flavor. (N/T). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

Bishops cap Bode Cheiro Cumari

Bishps Cap Red.....Bode Red......Cheiro do Norte....Cumari do Para

--BISHOPS CAP RED or Chapeu de Bispo [Shap-peh-oo-ah de bees-poh] or Cambuci [Cahm-boo-see] (C. baccatum) Unusual shaped mildly-hot fruit 1" tall and 2" across, plants normally grow as a vigorous shrub to 6 feet. (HS: 19 f) PKT. $5, OZ. $30

--BODE AMARELA (C. chinense) PKT. $5, OZ. $30

--BODE RED [Boh-dee red] or Red Goat (C. chinense) Very spicy red cherry-shaped fruit 1/2" across, with short plants 1-2 feet tall, used in a variety of dishes and pickled. (HS: 1,570 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

--CHEIRO DO NORTE [Shay-do do-nor-che] (Northern smell) (C. chinense) Hot fruit yellow 1" x 2". (HS: 14,000 d). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

[Coo-mah-ree do-pa-reh] (C. chinense) Bush pepper from Para State. Bullet-shaped yellow fruit 1" long and 1/2" wide, from the Amazon and very hot. (HS: 9,600 d). PKT. $5
Dedo de Moca Habanero Habanero

.....Dedo de Moca......Hab. Brazil orange...Hab. Brazil Red

[Day-do de-mo-sah] (Lady's finger) (C. baccatum) Red 2" long and 0.3" across, cayenne type, common in Brazil, medium-hot, plants grow to 12 feet tall. (HS: 893 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

(C. chinense)
Usual-shaped habanero orange. (HS: 13,800 d). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

(C. chinense) Hot fruit red 1 inch across and 1.2 inch long. (HS: 11,200 d). . PKT. $5, OZ. $30

--HABANERO RED GIGANTE (C. chinense) PKT. $5, OZ. $30

habanero .....Jamaican Yellow Malagueta
Hab.Brazil.Yel...Jamaican Yellow...Malagueta

(C. chinense) Yellow habanero shaped fruit from Brazil, very spicy. (HS: 7,210 d). PKT. $5, OZ. $45

--JAMAICAN RED (C. annuum) PKT. $5, OZ. $30

(C.annuum) Also called Mushroom Yellow. Triangular yellow fruit 1" tall and 1.5" across, very hot, very fruity. (HS: 1,500 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

[Ma-la-geh-tah] ("Pepper" in Portuguese) (C. frutescens) Red 1.5" long and 0.3" across, the "National" pepper of Brazil, a smaller-fruited form of the Tabasco, plants grow to 12 feet tall. There is a smaller-fruited form called "Malaguetinha ". (HS: 8,000 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $25
Mupuri Peito de Moca
Murupi Great..................Peito de Moca

--MURUPI GREAT [Moo-roo-pee] (C. chinense) There are several different Murupi peppers in Brazil, and this one has unusual wrinkled red fruit 4" long and 0.6" wide, could be the original parent of the Bhut Jolokia, with a very high heat level. (HS: 9,950 d). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

[Pay-to de-moh-sah] (Lady's-Breast) (C. baccatum) Red, breast-shaped fruit with a nipple, 1" long and 0.6" across. Plants small, so can be grown in pots. (HS: 480 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

Peter pepper Pianzinho Brazil Starfish
.................PETER PEPPER.........PIAOZINHO.......STAR FISH

(C. annuum) Unusual penis-shaped pepper was orginally selected by the Alfrey family in Knoxville, Tennessee, one inch across and four inches long. Mild to medium hot. (HS: 500 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

[Pee-yow-zing-you] (C. chinense) Spinning top-guy. From northern Brazil, medium-hot red top-shaped peppers 1" long and 0.6" across that you can actually spin like a top, plants four feet or more, pickled, or made into sauce, or used fresh for chicken dishes like Xinxim [sheen-shehm] and fish. (HS: 1,700 f). PKT. $5, OZ. $30

--STARFISH BRAZILIAN RED or PITANGA {Pee-tahn-gah] (C. baccatum) Red fruit 2 inches in diameter, round and with a unique star-shaped, excellent for pickling, because it stays crisper than most peppers. Heat levels mild. (N/T) PKT. $5, OZ. $30

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