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The Bullet™ pepper of any color, is a trademark,
owned by Craig & Sue Dremann of the Redwood City Seed Company

HS = Craig's Hotness scale Copyrighted © 1984-2018, numbers rating each hot pepper, indicates how many ounces of sauce will have a detectable hotness when one one ounce of the pepper is added. d=dried pepper, f=fresh peppers.

To convert the HS numbers to the Scoville scale, multiply by 12.

Our SEED CATALOG contains these seeds.

Aji Yellow pepper
Aji Peruvian Orange [HS:1,000 d)...........Amarela Comrida [HS:222 f)

Anaheim pepper
Anaheim (life sized) (HS:25 f)

Ancho pepper
Ancho Mexican Large (life sized) (HS:22 f)

Barker pepper
Barker, roasting pepper [HS:580 f]

Bhut Jolokia plant

Bhut Jolokia Smooth fruit [HS:60,000 d]

A Kentucky greenhouse hydoponic pepper-growing family sent us pictures of their fresh Bhut harvests: When planted in 5 gallon pine bark bags with calcium nitrate added to the nutrient solution, plants grew by the end of the year to 3 feet across and 6 feet tall, producing 1,000 peppers on each plant. The weight of the fruit was treatening to break off branches. Photos copyright © 2010 by Gerald Locker, used with permission.

Those peppers sold for retail for $3 each and wholesale for 50 cents each, making the Bhut one of the most valuable legal agricultural products you can grow, and at 100 fruit per pound, the value was from $50-300 per pound.

There are several strains of seed of the Bhut Jolokia from many other sources, with a very wide range in their heat levels, and we measured the fresh fruit from 7,143 to 25,000 and the heat level for the dried fruit can be as high as HS: 35,000.


Biquinho Amarela [HS:1,650 f).........Biquinho Red [HS:350 f)

Bishops Cap [HS:18 f)..Bode Amarela [HS:N/I)..Bode Red [HS:1,570 f)

Brazilian Starfish [HS:N/T)

California Mild pepper
Calif. Mild (HS:50 d)
Cascabel pepper Catarina pepperCayenne pepper
Cascabel (HS:1,600 d)...Catarina (HS:150-4,400 d)....Cayenne Long Slim (HS:625 f)

Cherry Hot pepper Chimayo pepper
Cherry Large Hot (HS:125 f)....Chimayo (HS:370 f)

chilhuacle amarillo chilhuacle negro chilhuacle rojo

Chilhuacle Amar. [HS:156 d]...Negro [HS:185 d}..Rojo [HS:192 d]

Mexican Negro pepper Chilaca, Pasilla or Mexican Negro (HS:72 d)

Chilhuil [HS:435 f]

Chocolate Champion™ [HS:1,662,000 Scoville Heat Units) We beat the Reaper®

Costeno amarillo
Cheiro do Norte [HS:14,000 d)......
.Costeno Amarillo [100 d].

Costeno Rojo
Costeno Rojo [192 d]

Cubanelle pepper
(HS: 1.5 f)

De Agua De Arbol pepper

De Agua [HS:1,193 d] .......................De Arbol (8,000 d) dried pods

Dedo de Moca (Lady's fingers)
[HS:900 f]

Fresno pepper Guajillo pepper
Fresno (HS: 178 f)...................................Guajillo (1,300 f)

GHOST PEPPER - see Bhut Jolokia.

THE HABANEROS (Capsicum chinense) --also see the Scotch Bonnets.
Habanero Orange................Habanero Mustard
Habanero Craig's Orange Deluxe™....Hananero Mustard (HS:36,810 d)
[HS:30,030 d]

Habanero peach Gold Bullet
Habanero Peach (HS:41,558 d).......Habanero Gold Bullet® tall [HS:24,390 d]

Habanero White Bullet
Habanero White Bullet
®. A single plant loaded with fruit [HS: 19,000 d]

Bullet® Habanero pepper name is a trademark, owned by Craig & Sue Dremann of the Redwood City Seed Company.

HATCH Chilies -- See Barker, Joe E. Parker, Numex Big Jim and Sandia

Hawaiian Sweet Hot (HS:1,667 f)

Hungarian Yellow Wax
Hungarian Yellow Wax (HS:42 f)

Jalapeno Early pepper Jalapeno M
Jal.Early [HS:700 f]..Jalapeño M (HS:238 f)

Jalapeno Craigs Grande
Jalapeño Craig's Grande (life size) [HS:sweet when green, 1,230 f when red-ripe]

Jamaican Yellow (HS:1,500 f)

Japones pepper Joe E. Parker pepper
Japones (HS: 16,000 d)...................Joe E. Parker (HS:53 f)

Manzano orange pepper Manzano Red pepper Manzano Yellow pepper
Manzanos or Rocotos
Manzano Orange (HS:500 f)..Red (600 f)..Yellow (840 f

Manzano red plantOne Manzano plant
Grows like grape or a berry vine, with multiple canes growing from the roots, and in the first year, can get to be six feet long. If plants are kept above 50 degrees F. through the winter, by the third year, can produce 15 foot long vines, yielding a harvest of 500-1,000 pounds of fruit per plant.

Mulato pepper
Mulato (HS:135 d).............Murupi Great (HS:9,900 d)
Numex Big Jim pepper Pequin pepper (life sized)
Numex Big Jim (HS:238 f)..................Pequin (HS:20,000 d)

Onza Amarillo
Onza Orange (HS:3 f)
Onza Rojo
Onza Rojo (HS:8,000 d)........................Peter pepper (HS:500 f)

Puya pepper
Piaozinho (HS:1,700 f)......Puya (dried) (HS: 1,250 d)

Sandia pepper
Sandia (HS:42 f)

Santa Fe Grande pepper
Santa Fe Grande (HS:1,120 f)

THE SCOTCH BONNETS (Capsicum chinense) -- also see the Habaneros

Tobago scotch bonnet
Scotch Bon. Big Sun (HS:11,428 f)...Tobago Red [HS:12,600 d]
Serrano pepper

Serrano (HS:1,250 s).

Tabasco pepperTepin pepper
Tabasco (HS:3,300 d)....Tepin (HS:20,000-64,000 d)

Trinidad Scorpion Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion Craig's Deluxe™--fresh fruit and dried [HS: 100,000-144,000 d]

Zimbabwe bird pepper
Zimbabwe Bird (HS;5,600 d)

Copyright © 2001-2012 by Craig C. Dremann

Banana sweet pepper California wonder gold pepper
Banana Sweet.....California Wonder Gold

Dulcetta sweet pepper

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