"Dremann Pepper Heat Search" Submission Sheet and Checklist.

--ALL submissions are sent by mail in a cardboard box via the post office to
Redwood City Seed Company, P.O. Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 USA.
--Dried peppers are to be in a paper envelope, NEVER in plastic.
--Peppers must be dried, with their caps and stems removed.
--Do not send submissions via UPS
or any other means like DHL or FEDEX.
--Always ship your peppers in a cardboard box, NEVER in a padded mailer.
--Before submitting you can check your Scoville levels with the Dremann Hotness test for free in your kitchen in 15 minutes at www.ecoseeds.com/hotmethod.html

1.) Your name_______________________________________________________________

2.) Address
(will not be published)_______________________________________________

3.) City, State or Province___________________________________________________

4.) Country if outside of USA ____________________________________________

5.) Email address (will not be published)__________________________________

6.) Phone number (will not be published)____________________________________

7.) Company (if associated with this test)_______________________________________

8.) Name of pepper variety__________________________________________________

9.) Enclosed - 10 dried whole peppers with stems, caps removed. ___ (check here).

10.) Enclosed is a color photo of three fresh peppers with a ruler in the picture for scale, which is copyright-free and can be published. ___ (check here).

11.) Enclosed is a money order made out to "Southwest Bio-Labs" for a total
of $73
for the cost of testing. ___ (check here).

12.) Enclosed is a money order made out to "Redwood City Seed Company"
for a total of $16.10 to cover the costs of forwarding your peppers to Southwest Bio Labs for testing. ___ (check here).

13.) All results will be posted at www.ecoseeds.com/heat-test-results.html and the lab report will be emailed to the submitter.

14.) Lab tests that exceed the last highest test results, will received a certificate by email, as the current "World's Hottest Pepper" as determined under the rules of the Dremann Hot Pepper Search.

15.) Are the seeds of this variety for sale, and if so what price_______________.

16.) Do you have a website for this variety_______________________________

Updated August 8, 2022 - Questions: Call Craig Carlton Dremann. Office 650-325-7333