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A single plant of the "regular" strain, photographed on the first day of each month.
From June to November, the plant is growing in an eight-inch diameter plastic pot.

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SweetgrassSweetgrass Sweetgrass Sweetgrass
Sweetgrass Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass Sweetgrass
August, first harvest
, keeping four inches of stem. Two days later, plants grew an inch,and after 5 days, four inches of new leaves have grown.
Sweetgrass Sweetgrass
The moist, cut grass was laid in the sun to dry, and dries in 4 hours,
the strong vanilla scent is in the air, and the sweetgrass is
now ready to braid or use for baskets.

By September
, new leaves one foot long! And October, still growing strong.

Sweetgrass November, going to sleep for the winter.
You could make one last cutting of the leaves to ground-level at this time.

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