Cesar E. Chavez's garden in Keene, California, 1976 and 1986.


in the Tehachapi mountains, off California Highway 58,
between Bakersfield and the town of Mojave, where he was buried.

Seeds ordered from Craig and Sue Dremann, Redwood City Seed Company,

Box 361, Redwood City, Ca 94064 - (650) 325-7333

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In 1976 and 1986, Cesar E. Chavez purchased seeds for his garden in Keene, California from our company. One packet of each, unless otherwise noted. The varieties in bold are still offered by our company in 2023:

April 14, 1976 - ordered for the National Farm Worker's Service Center garden:

Cabbage Asian Chihfu
Cabbage Asian Kwan-hoo choi
Cabbage Asian Kyoto
Cabbage Asian Osaka
Cabbage Asian Pak-choi
Cabbage Asian Paotolien
Cabbage Asian Santo
Cabbage Asian Semi-heading
Cabbage Asian South China Earliest
Cabbage Asian Taisai (2)
Four O'clocks flowers, mixed colors
Herb Bee Balm
Herb Borage
Herb Caraway
Herb Comfrey roots (5 roots)
Herb Coriander
Herb Cumin
Herb Dill
Herb Elelcampane
Herb Fenugreek
Herb German Camomile
Herb Horehound
Herb Hyssop
Herb Lavender
Herb Lemon Balm
Herb Marjoram
Herb Oregano
Herb Pennyroyal
Herb Peppermint
Herb Rosemary
Herb Sage
Herb Spearmint
Herb Sweet Basil
Herb Tansy
Herb Thyme
Herb Wormwood
Herb Yarrow (white flowered)
Japanese Greens Komotsuna
Japanese Greens Shirona
Japanese Greens Shungiku Medium leaved
Pepper Hot Tabasco
Teosinte (ancestor of corn)
Tobacco common
Tree - Acacia catechu
Turnips Snow ball

PERSONAL GARDEN, ordered May 1, 1986

Burdock, edible
Japanese Greens Komotsuna
Japanese Greens Shirona
Mole Plant (Euphorbia lathyrus)
Pepper Hot Anaheim
Pepper Hot Ancho
Pepper Hot Cayenne Long Narrow
Pepper Hot Chilacate
Pepper Hot De Agua
Pepper Hot De Arbol
Pepper Hot Guajillo
Pepper Hot Jalapeño
Pepper Hot Manzano Red
Pepper Hot Mexican Negro
Pepper Hot Mirasol
Pepper Hot New Mexico
Pepper Hot Peperone Sigaretta
Pepper Hot Pequin
Pepper Hot Puya
Pepper Hot Rouge Long
Pepper Hot Serrano
Pepper Hot Tabiche
Pepper Hot Tepin
Pepper Hot Venezuelan Purple
Teosinte (corn's ancestor)
Tomatillo Large Green

Items ordered on April 14, 1976, but were not available:

Roman Camomile
Aloe vera plant
Ginseng American seeds

Items ordered on May 1, 1986, but were not available:

Pepper Hot Red Chili
Pepper Hot Sandia

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