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When stored in the refrigerator, these heirloom seeds will be good for 4-5 years.


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Sweetgrass plants - Organically grown

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PRICES--Subject to change without notice. All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars, f.o.b. Redwood City, California, for net weights. Shipping and packing will be charged extra at cost.

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.........................price per pkt

AMARANTH------------------------- 1.00
BEAN Kentucky Wonder Bush-------- 2.00
BEAN Kentucky Wonder Pole-------- 2.00
BEAN Romano Bush II-------------- 2.00
BEAN Scarlet Runner-------------- 5.00
BEAN Tendergreen Bush------------ 2.00
BEAN Tepary Brown---------------- 2.00
BEAN Tepary White---------------- 2.00
BROCCOLI Green Sprouting--------- 1.00
CARROT Danvers------------------- 2.00

CORN Maiz Purple Morado---------- 5.00
--Plants 14-16 feet, world's tallest corn plant?

CORN FLOUR Hopi Blue. Very Rare-- 2.00
CORN FLOUR Hopi Red. Very Rare--- 5.00
CORN FLOUR Hopi Yellow.Very Rare- 2.00
CORN POP Blue-------------------- 2.00
CORN POP Golden------------------ 1.00
CORN POP Red--------------------- 2.00
CORN POP White------------------- 2.00
CORN SWEET Country Gentleman----- 2.00
CORN SWEET Golden Bantam 8-row--- 2.00


Couve Tronchuda or Portuguese Kale--makes the best-favored soup, mixed with onions and potatoes, a delicious meal.

COUVE TRONCHUDA-Portuguese Kale-- 2.00
CUCUMBER Armenian (80 seeds) ---- 1.00
CUCUMBER NAtional Pickling ------ 2.00
CUCUMBER Straight Eight---------- 2.00
KALE Palm Tree------------------- 2.00
LETTUCE Iceberg------------------ 1.00

.........................price per pkt

MELON Canary (50 seeds)---------- 2.00
MELON Crenshaw (40 seeds)-------- 2.00
MELON French Heirloom = Iroquois- 2.00
MELON Hales Best (50 seeds)------ 2.00
MELON Honeydew Gold (40 seeds)--- 2.00
MUSKMELON Iroquis (40 seeds)----- 2.00
MUSKMELON Planters Jumbo (40 s)-- 2.00
MUSKMELON Rocky Ford (40 seeds)-- 2.00
MUSKMELON Sierra Gold (40 seeds)- 2.00
MUSTARD Florida Broadleaf-------- 1.00
OKRA Burgundy-------------------- 1.00
PARSLEY Italian------------------ 1.00
PEAS Laxton's Progress (200 s)--- 1.00
PEAS Lincoln (200 seeds)--------- 1.00
PEAS SUGAR SNAP (100 seeds)------ 2.00

11 DIFFERENT 2022 PEPPER SEEDS plus a CHOCOLATE CHAMPION®- Pick Craig's SUPERHOT Chocolate Champion--that has been lab-tested at 1.662 million Scovilles--and two peppers, and we will put it together as a collection! PRICE $35 includes postage to USA. Not shipped outside of the USA.

PEPPERS! (pkts=100s.unless noted) pkt (* =35 seeds)

PEPPER SWEET Banana-------------- 1.00
PEPPER SWEET Calif. Wonder Red--- 1.00

(20 seeds) 2.00
PEPPER SWEET Jal.Craig's Grande---5.00

Bishops capMalaguetaPianzinho
.Bishops Cap.....Malagueta..............Pianzinho

.........................price per pkt.

NOTE: ITEMS in Italics may not be available in 2023!

PEPPER HOT Aji Yellow/Orange Peru 2.00
PEPPER HOT Amarela Comprida------ 2.00
PEPPER HOT Anaheim mild---------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Ancho Mexican Large--- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Barker---------------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Bhut Jolokia Rough(35s)2.00
PEPPER HOT Biquinho Amarela------ 2.00
PEPPER HOT Biquinho Red---------- 2.00
see Tepin & Zimbabwe Bird
PEPPER HOT Bishops Cap or Cambici 2.00
PEPPER HOT Bode Amarela---------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Bode Red-------------- 2.00
--see Habanero Bullet
PEPPER HOT Catarina-------------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Cayenne Long Slim----- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Chambray. Rare, Mexico 2.00
PEPPER HOT Cheiro do Norte------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Cherry Large Hot Red-- 2.00

PEPPER HOT Chocolate Champion®-35s 5.00

--Lab tested with HPLC at 1,662,000 Scovilles, beats the Reaper®-- This pepper is the current certified lab-tested world's hottest! Seeds not available for resale. The USDA registered variety name is '1.662 million Scovilles'.

.........................price per pkt.

PEPPER HOT Costeño Amarillo------ 2.00
PEPPER HOT Costeño Rojo---------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Craig's Choc.Champion
-> See Chocolate Champion
PEPPER HOT Cubanelle------------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Cumari do Para-------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Dedo de Moca---------- 5.00
PEPPER HOT Ghost pepper ->
see Bhut Jolokia
PEPPER HOT Guajillo-------------- 1.00
--> also see Scotch Bonnet
PEPPER HOT Hab Brazil Red Gigante 5.00
PEPPER HOT Habanero Bullet
White 2.00
PEPPER HOT Habanero Carib. Red--- 5.00
PEPPER HOT Habanero Carib. Yellow 5.00
PEPPER HOT Habanero Chocolate
-> See Chocolate Champion
PEPPER HOT Habanero Orange Brazil 5.00
PEPPER HOT Habanero Orange Deluxe 2.00
...Craig's Deluxe™, six times hotter than normal.
PEPPER HOT Habanero Red--see Caribbean Red
PEPPER HOT Hawaiian Sweet Hot---- 5.00

.........................price per pkt.

PEPPER HOT Incan Red Drops
=Biquinho Red
PEPPER HOT Jalapeño TAM mild----- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Jamaican Red---------- 5.00
PEPPER HOT Jamaican Yellow ------ 5.00
PEPPER HOT Japones--------------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Joe E. Parker--------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Malagueta ------------ 5.00

Manzano rocoto pepper Manzano rocoto
The Three Manzanos or Rocoto fruit colors: Red and Yellow.

Manzano plant Manzano pepper
Manzano or Rocoto plants, if protected from cold nights (kept >50°F.), can grow huge grape-like vines, 15-25 feet long that can be trellised, and by third year,can 500-1,000 pounds of fruit per plant! -- Can produce the world's tallest peppers, growing to 17 feet tall or more, and submit to be listed in the Guinness World's Records!
Left, above - SINGLE eight year old, untrellised red manzano plant. - Right, above -Manzano Orange in market in California. Ounce=3,500 seeds.

.........................price per pkt.

PEPPER HOT Manzano Red (35 seeds) 2.00
PEPPER HOT Manzano Yellow (35 s)- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Mulato or Black Ancho- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Murupi Great --------- 5.00
PEPPER HOT New Mexico 6-4-------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Numex Big Jim--------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Onza Rojo------------- 2.00
see Ancho
PEPPER HOT Peito de Moca -------- 5.00
PEPPER HOT Pequin or Prin-kee-new 2.00
PEPPER HOT Peter Pepper Red ----- 5.00
PEPPER HOT Piaozinho ------------ 5.00
PEPPER HOT Puya or Pulla--------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Red Peruvian
=Biquinho Red
PEPPER HOT Rocoto--see Manzano
PEPPER HOT Sandia or Hot Anaheim- 1.00

........................price per pkt

-Other Scotch Bonnets
--see Habaneros
PEPPER HOT Serrano--------------- 1.00
PEPPER HOT Sweety Drops®
= Biquinho Red
PEPPER HOT Tabasco -------------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT Tepin----------------- 2.00
PEPPER HOT White Bullet™-see Hab. Bullet™
PEPPER HOT Zimbabwe Bird--------- 2.00

pumpkin Kumi Kumi
Pumpkin Sugar Pie...Squash Kumi Kumi

.........................price per pkt

PUMPKIN Atlantic Giant (20 seeds) 5.00
PUMPKIN Sugar Pie (35 seeds)----- 1.00

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Pumpkin Atlantic Giant at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival. This one weighed 1,200 pounds, the winner was close to one ton.

.........................price per pkt.

RADISH Cherry Belle-------------- 1.00
SQUASH Bennings Green Tint (20s)- 2.00
SQUASH Gold Summer Crookneck(40s) 2.00
SQUASH Kumi Kumi (25 seeds)------ 2.00
SQUASH Romanesco Zucchini (24 s)- 2.00
SQUASH Spaghetti (50 seeds)------ 2.00
SQUASH Striato D'Italia (50 s)--- 2.50
TOMATO Cherry Red---------------- 1.00
TOMATO Zapotec Indian ribbed----- 2.00
WATERMELON Allsweet (40 s.)------ 1.00
WATERMELON California Sweet(40 s) 1.00
WATERMELON Crimson Sweet (40 s.)- 1.00
WATERMELON Dixie Queen (40 s.)--- 1.00
WATERMELON Florida Giant (40 s.)- 1.00
WATERMELON Jubilee (40 s.)------- 1.00
WATERMELON Kleckley Sweet (40 s.) 1.00
WATERMELON Sugar Baby (40 s.)---- 1.00
WATER. Tendersweet Orange (40 s.) 1.00


.........................price per pkt.

BASIL Genovese------------------- 1.00
CORIANDER Slow-bolting----------- 1.00


.........................price per pkt.

CALIFORNIA POPPY Golden---------- 1.00
GOURD Luffa sponge (35 seeds)---- 2.00
GRAINS TEFF Brown-seeded--------- 1.00

(Hierochloe odorata) - not available in 2022

White sage Sweetgrass plant
White Sage (Salvia apiana)in wild....SWEETGRASS

.........................price per pkt.

MORNING GLORY Heavenly Blue------ 2.00
--see California Poppy
SAGE WHITE (S.apiana)-10-25% germ 5.00
SUNFLOWER Indian Blanket--------- 1.00
SUNFLOWER Mammoth Grey----------- 1.00
SWEETGRASS PLANTS, not available in 2022 see
Sweetgrass page

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--Reaper® is a US registered trademark owned by PBPC LLC in So. Carolina, but is unenforceable for the seeds for planting or for live plants, because a plant variety name in the USA cannot also be used as a trademark.
Sweety Drops® is a US reg. trademark for processed peppers by Gandules Inc. in Peru.

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